I am Sergey Faldin.

And this is the Honest Creative Podcast.


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I can’t say it was easy. It was scary.

But after several months of deliberation, I finally did it. I hit “publish” on my Anchor dashboard and now my new podcast is available on eight major platforms.

But because I love you, you’ll be receiving new episode updates right here, in the comfort of your email inbox. So there’s no need to go anywhere unless you prefer to listen to it elsewhere.

Making this podcast already taught me two things about the creative process.

#1. The only way to fight procrastination is to set yourself deadlines.

This reminds me of what Tim Urban (Wait But Why) said in his famous TED talk, “We’re all procrastinators. Some of us are just worse than others.”

Unless there’s a deadline coming up, there’s no “panic monster”. The monkey mind keeps postponing the task in favor of watching whale videos on YouTube.

I told myself I should go live in the first week of September.

Was I ready? No.

But this is exactly why you need deadlines: you’re never fully ready.

#2. ‘Good enough’ is good enough.

I can’t say I am 100% happy with how the first few episodes (which you’ll hear throughout September) turned out.

But it’s “good enough”. And I trained myself to be OK with “good enough.”

Because when you reach for the stars, for perfection, what you usually end up with is nothing (or, in worse cases, shit).

As soon as I picked a jingle that was “good enough” and recorded an intro that was “ok”, I knew I had to publish. After all, the deadline was zooming in.

“What’s the way to get projects done on time and budget?”

“Simple. As soon as you run out of time or budget, hit publish.”

So there. Enjoy the short intro. And wait for the next email with the actual first episode. (That should be tomorrow.)

Recording the episodes you’re about to listen to over the next few weeks was a thrill. It was a lot of work – preparing, shooting, editing, putting it all together.

But it didn’t feel like work.

When I look at people making money podcasting, I see how good they have it. They get to talk to amazing people, discussing interesting topics, and get paid for it. If there’s a better job, please tell me about it.

Which is to say, I am enjoying every minute of preparing these interviews for you. (I hope you like them!)

You can check out the Anchor page for this podcast – where you can see all the episodes and click on any platform you like.

And, of course, if you like what you hear – please share it with a friend or two.

We need your support.

As for me, there’s no turning back. I quit my job a few weeks back and I am in this for the long haul. Let’s just see what happens.

P.S. What do you think of the cover?

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