36 Life-Altering Quotes from ‘Tribe of Mentors’ That Will Make You Think

Insights from some of the world’s greatest visionaries.

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I respect Tim Ferriss.

And not just because he’s rich, famous, and does something I want to do with my life — no.

I respect Tim because he always scratches his own itch and creates high-quality “maps” for other people as a natural by-product.

He did this with most of his books, hut especially with Tribe of Mentors.

After turning forty, losing several close people, and achieving his version of “success,” Tim found himself unsure of what to do next. So — in his natural fashion, he started asking questions.

Surprisingly even to himself, Tim received some of the most insightful answers he’s seen on life, business, success, and purpose. The questions were so insightful; he decided to include them in a book.

What started as “scratching one’s own itch” — i.e., doing it for himself — turned out to be an inspiring manifesto for many ambitious people worldwide. I was one of these people.

In fact, I loved the book so much — I’ve read it more than five times from cover to cover and highlighted the best parts with a marker.

Then I went back and typed out my favorite quotes in an Evernote to always have them by my side. These quotes deeply influenced the way I think about success and my life. They helped me define my own version of success and influenced what I do now in a monumental way.

So I thought — why not share these quotes with you guys and save you the trouble?

In a way, I am doing what Tim did, but on a smaller scale — he scratched his own itch to seek answers, and I scratched my own itch to write them down. He wrote a book. I am publishing an article with my favorite quotes.

What follows is a collection of 50+ quotes from 36 people — which I hand-selected from the book. (I recommend you buy the actual book, too.) In case you want to come to these quotes later in the book, I also put in the page number and section in the brackets [].

Without further ado, please read and enjoy.

Who knows. Perhaps these quotes will change your life too.