A guy with a flashlight

A leader is not someone at the top. Not necessarily.

Forget hierarchy. The word “leader” is not a synonym to “ruler”. Just as the word “leadership” has nothing to do with “power”.

A leader is a guy with a flashlight.

It suddenly got pitch dark. There are three of you in the room. It’s scary.

You pat the pockets of your jeans and realize you have a flashlight. You turn it on. You guide everyone out.

Not because you must but because you can.

Not because you’ll get paid but because you care.

Not because it’s a job but because it’s a calling.

A leader is a guide.

Everyone can be a leader, it’s not a zero-sum game. All leaders are followers and all followers have the capability to lead.

Your job in life – perhaps, your only job – is to realize what exactly you’re a leader in and bring it forward.

We need your leadership.

And yes, staying quiet is also an option. But is it really worth it?