Adrian Drew (Mind Cafe): How To Create Meaningful Content


Adrian Drew is a full-time writer and founder of Mind Cafe Media – a media company and Medium publication with tens of thousands of followers dedicated to curating relaxed, inspiring quotes and essays about happiness. You can find Adrian on Medium.

This was the interview I waited for. And so did most of my subscribers, judging from the Q&A thread I posted in September – where most of my readers asked about Medium.

In this honest and deep interview, Adrian and I talked at length about his (at times, painful) story as a writer, what it takes to succeed in the publishing world, how to battle self-doubt, lack of motivation, what it takes to create a viral Medium publication, and so much more.

Highlighted quote:

“I never compete with other writers. I usually remind myself of a quote I once heard, ‘Escape competition through authenticity.’ I tell myself, no, don’t compete. Instead, do something original, new.”

If you’re a writer – both on Medium and beyond it, you can’t miss this one.

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