Advice from Liz Gilbert

That just might change your life.

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I love, respect, and look up to Elizabeth Gilbert. She is my role model in many ways.

But until this year, I thought she wasn’t the right author for me. I thought she was an old lady who writes for other ladies (old and young). It was only after I watched her TED talk, listened to her interview with Tim Ferriss, and read her book (Eat, Pray, Love), that I realized I was wrong.

She’s not an old lady. She’s a smart lady. Quite young too.

But what amazes me most about Liz Gilbert is her authenticity. She is an expert at being herself. And, of course, like most people – she went through tons of trouble before she finally learned how to do that. (More on that in part one of Eat, Pray, Love.)

A part of her authenticity is that she openly talks about her insecurities and fears. (And that’s coming from a bestselling author and former GQ contributor!) Yes, successful people are also insecure. Some more than they were before they’ve achieved success.

The question Liz asked herself after the success of EPL was, “How do I keep creating, knowing that no matter what I do, my next book won’t be better than my last?”

In this seven-minute TED talk video, Liz shares her trick to keep creating and answers this question.

Spoiler: it’s the same trick that she used to become the bestselling sensation she is.

She calls it “going home”.


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