As a writer, you get paid twice

Focus on that second salary.

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I will write a longer article on this topic soon. But for brevity’s sake, let me just say here that it’s important to focus on that second, non-monetary salary that you get as a writer. Let me show you what I mean.

You might receive fame, claps, followers, the audience, money, as a writer – as a creative.

But your second salary – the spiritual growth, the discipline, the ability to sit down and concentrate for hours on end – is much more valuable.

You can spend your money. Followers can go away. Claps don’t mean shit.

But your character is always there with you. You refine it every day you sit down to write. It might be hard now but remember: that each day, you’re getting stronger. Bit by bit. Word by word. Minute by minute.

Cherish that second salary. And when everything else fails, keep writing and smile, as if you know a secret only your fellow creatives know.


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