Billionaire's side project

I recently heard someone call Medium “a billionaire’s side project.”

While I disagree with such radical views, Medium has two big problems for writers.

Problem one: You work for it.

On Medium, everyone writes like everyone else. It’s good for the platform. That’s the whole purpose of curation. That’s what you are rewarded for: supplying content for the publishing platform. But it’s terrible for you, the writer.

The only purpose of writing is to do it in your own voice. When the incentives are set to turn you into a cog (even if it’s a creative cog!), creativity dies.

Problem two: Content marketing.

That’s what you do when you write on Medium. Calling it otherwise would be delusional.

Real writing comes from the heart. From a place of generosity. Blank canvas. Not waiting to get your claps up and hoping to increase your Partner Program Payouts. Getting paid for writing too early on one’s journey is toxic. It goes to the head, and then it’s hard to quit. Like smoking.

Having said that, I think Medium is an interesting experiment. I am curious to see where it will end up in a few years. And I will keep publishing on it, every sometimes.

But if you aspire to become a writer, I highly encourage you to write in a “safe space” –a public space, but safe from wrong incentives.