Creative commitments

Make a promise and fulfill it.

When you set out to be a creative person, you have to remember a simple thing (it’s also the one I remind myself of almost every day): only the output matters.

Nothing else.

When you’re creative, you make a promise to your audience. (If you don’t make promises, you don’t have an audience. They have no reason to subscribe.)

Your output – your showing up – is how you keep your promise.

Hence, your creative success can be broken into two simple parts:

  1. That you make interesting promises. (e.g., “I will show up every day with something interesting to say about XYZ”)

  2. That you keep your promises.

The former gives new people a reason to subscribe. The latter gives them a reason to keep consuming your work. (I wrote about it on Medium.)

And that is your creative commitment.

Want to become a writer? Make a commitment to show up regularly with an interesting text.

Want to become a podcaster? Make a commitment to publish one interview per week.

Want to become an entrepreneur? Make a commitment to serve your customers in a way that you want.

It almost doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you make a commitment and execute on it.

P.S. Though ambitious creatives should beware not to over-commit yourself. It’s important to have a lot of room for thoughts and ideas to come.

Rule of thumb: pick 1-2 things you want to have ongoing creative commitments in (e.g., a daily blog) and that’s it.


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