Don't make money on your writing too early

There are ten reasons

Are you swiping away money? These simple tips can help you get control of  your spending

Here are some reasons why you don’t want to depend on your income from writing:

  1. You need time to build your “creative tree.” The moment you start expecting anything from your writing, the tree stops growing.

  2. It makes you more confident: no matter what happens, you have enough to feed yourself. Creative income is very inconsistent.

  3. You want to do something besides writing – to have something to write about. It gives you content, ideas, inspiration.

  4. It will take 5-10 years to get to the point you want to be at in 12 months. Remember that.

  5. You need to go on a journey before you teach others. Or, at least, do as I do: teach others while you’re on your journey.

  6. The moment you start monetizing your audience, you stop growing and it turns into a business. You rid yourself of opportunities to build deep relationships the way you could have been able if you didn’t cash out too early.

  7. You stress out too much. Seriously.

  8. You stop being original. And inadvertently focus on what “works”. (And as we know, what works is the opposite of originality)

  9. You will make much more money in the future from having an audience. Much more than if you started simply selling your content. Build businesses on top of your audience, not sell content.

  10. You confuse your “job”, “vocation”, “career”, and “hobby”. More on that later.


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