It’s time.

Enough asking for permission.

Enough waiting for the perfect opportunity to come.

Enough waiting until you find that “right” community.

Enough waiting until COVID ceases or lockdowns are lifted. Enough waiting in general.

Enough wishing you had more money or education or a better upbringing.

Enough looking for a “brilliant idea.”

Enough cutting yourself short with your insecurity.

Enough jealousy, negativity, and self-pity.

Enough discipline, time management, and self-development books.

Enough working yourself to the bone.

Enough living the drugs-and-booze part of a musician’s life but not writing the songs.

Enough worrying about money, death, or failed relationships. Enough worrying in general.

Enough taking courses and paid classes.

Enough consuming without producing.

Enough procrastination.

Whatever the reason you had for not starting so far, forget it. Throw it in the trash, burn it, piss on it.

Start without the money, education, the right community, permission, confidence, idea, co-founders, supporters, platforms, etc.

Start right now. Start before you’re ready. Start with your eyes closed. Start with terror.

You’ve been waiting for far too long. And so have we. 

It’s time.