Get the ball rolling

Momentum is your best friend.

Russia and China plan to launch first high-speed freight train in ...

Imagine a freight train standing on a railroad.

Now push it.

Impossible, right?

However, if you somehow manage to make it move (with a bunch of friends or by pushing it with another train), the difficulty goes downhill from there.

It’s much harder to go from 0 to 1 then from 1 to 5.



In writing, podcasting, video-making, whatever creative thing you do – it’s the same.

When you take long breaks – for me, long is more than 48 hours – you lose momentum. And then creating becomes impossibly hard.

On the contrary, when I push myself to write on the “bad days”, it can be hard to stop.

Our minds lie to us when they say that we need a “brilliant idea”. What we need is momentum.

So, if there’s one piece of advice I would give anyone starting anything creative, it’s this: just create every day. Don’t think about the quality. Think about the quantity.

Let that “brilliant idea” come north of the 10th post you write or 5th podcast episode you record. It will come, I promise.

Momentum pulls creativity out of you.


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