Give it 7 years

"Those who do the easy part only get the crumbs. "

How to Draw a Startup

New writers begin and there’s so much ego.

They write for a few months and want to make as much money as somebody who was doing it for years.

The Silicon Valley “grow fast or die” mentality is to blame. We were programmed to think that success takes months or 1-2 years to achieve, then you can make an “exit”, take a million bucks, and celebrate.

I’ve got bad news for you.

This works only in consumer Internet companies (like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.) The idea of “fail fast” is good for companies that want to exploit human psychology, giving us dopamine-induced positive-feedback loops. Humans are unpredictable! Hence, these companies “A/B” test us like laboratory rats.

But doing it fast doesn’t work in things that matter.

You do things that matter – or build a career doing something you care about – by doing the following:

  1. Being patient and giving it years.

  2. Doubling down when it gets hard.

Because everyone is in it for the short term. EVERYONE will quit after 24 months, I guarantee you. EVERYONE will quit when it gets hard.

The question is, are you going to stay in the game long enough? Are you not going to quit when it gets hard? Will you double down? Will you improve? Will you persevere?

If you do, that’s where all the fun is, where all the rewards are. You get rewarded in life by doing what’s hard. Those who do the easy part only the crumbs.

See you in 7 years.


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