Go with the flow

This is all you need to change your life.

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Two-three hours of uninterrupted creative work. Daily. That’s all you need to achieve the results you want.

Yes, you can take breaks. No, nothing would happen. But momentum is your best friend and you only build momentum when you do the work regularly.

Jim Collins, the author of Good to Great and a number of business bestsellers, has a concept called “twenty-mile march”. To get anything substantial done, just walk twenty miles.

Raining? Twenty miles. Sunshine and you can walk more? Still twenty miles.

You have to cap the top as much as the bottom.

In Collins’s research, the companies that were consistent were the ones that became ‘great’ (and not merely good). Consistency is the key to producing great results. The same ideas can be applied to people.

However, there’s something Collins didn’t talk about.

It’s that by doing consistent work, your creativity doesn’t just add up, it compounds. You create today starting with what you’ve created yesterday. Even if it was humanly possible to write 60,000 words in a day, you can’t write a decent novel in 24 hours.

You need time for good ideas to become ‘good’.

In creativity, consistency matters more than hard work. Are you still in the game after two years? Or did you quit after two months because ‘they’ didn’t like your art?

Lose yourself in two-three hours of daily, pure, creative flow. Forget about time, success, metrics, or whether anybody is watching.

That’s how the best work is done.

That’s all you need.


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