How to find your voice

Do it the way you want it to be.

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A few days ago my sister and I were discussing the topic of finding your voice.

She’s a budding graphic designer and painter, and she is going through “figuring it out” stage, like most of us.

(Not long ago, I wrote a piece about how my younger sister taught me an important lesson on creativity. )

“How do I develop my style?” she asked me. She then went on to tell me that most artists she knows have their own unique style and taste.

“By trying and copying other people’s styles, of course,” I replied. After all, I noticed that I write my books keeping some book I love as a reference model at the back of my head.

Later that night, my sister came back to me and said, “I figured it out. You create with your own voice by simply doing the way you want it to be. Here,” then she handed me an iPad with her best work yet.

Ira Glass said that we all have a taste. It’s what makes us creative. It’s why we’re doing what we’re doing. All our tastes are unique.

But sometimes we’re ashamed of our tastes – and this is something we should work on.

When you let go, that is, in my sister’s words, ‘simply do the way you want it to be’, even if you think it’s weird, stupid, crazy – that’s when we’re working from our own voice and style.

Want to know what your style is?

Then answer,

How would you write this article/record this podcast/make this piece of art if you could do anything and knew you couldn’t fail?


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