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For those who don’t know, Forge is a Medium-owned publication.

It’s extremely hard to get into. Why?

Because it has a world-class editorial team, which looks for talented writers. Ryan Holiday publishes there, and many other famous non-Medium writers. If you hope to get published in Forge, you should treat it like any other professional media outlet (Fast Company, Inc., etc.)

With that said, getting published there is possible.

Last week, I talked with Stephen Moore – the co-editor of Post-Grad Survival Guide, a viral Medium publication with 35,000+ followers. (The interview will go live in the first week of October.)

One of his articles made more than $5,000. He also had six articles published in Forge so far – one of which was cross-posted by Business Insider.

When I asked him how to get published by Forge (or any other Medium-owned publication), here’s what he told me:

  1. Think hard about what you want to send. (Just imagine how many submissions the Forge editorial team goes through each day.)

  2. All you need is to get one initial submission – then it’s downhill from there. You become a “contributing writer” to Forge and you can submit there more easily.

  3. Most important: make sure you’re within the Forge’s topic. Publication’s main asset is their “curation” in terms of topics. Help them out: give them what they look for.

  4. Keep the pitch short. “Hi, I am Sergey Faldin, I have 6K followers on Medium, and I a top writer in six categories. Here’s my idea, here’s my draft, hope you like it, let me know if you have any questions. Bye.”

  5. Make sure your topic hasn’t been covered already. Go through the publication. Check out what gets submitted. Get a feel for the publication editorial guidelines.

These rules work equally well for any other top Medium publication.

Wait for the interview with Stephen to come out (early October), where he talks about Medium publications in more detail.

And once you’re ready to submit to Forge, here’s an email: (once you get pre-approved you’ll receive a special email instead of a general one).

Good luck.


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