How to Turn Content Creation Into a Career

A short and actionable guide for an aspiring content creator.

It’s not a Thursday, but this is too valuable to hide away from you.

In my last week’s viral piece, I argued that content creation is a legitimate career. I also said it might be the only one left soon.

Yes, there are no degrees in ‘content creation’ (yet) — and it’s not something your grandmother would approve of — but there are people who create multi-million dollar businesses by simply being who they are.

They do this by being authentic and creating content from their skills, passions, interests, or hidden talents.

I received a lot of good feedback on that post, as well as further questions.

Specifically, readers wanted to know what do you do once you’ve agreed that — yes, content creation is a career and one you’d like to pursue.

How do you define yourself and your content from the start? How do you make a living out of it? And what should your best strategy be going forward?

Writing, speaking, communicating isn’t new. Having a content creation career is.

Here’s how to build one for yourself.

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P.S. In case you haven’t seen the original piece, make sure to check it out as well.

– Sergey