I Wrote On Medium Every Day For 365 Days

Here's the naked truth.

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Some of you know that this October I am celebrating one year as a writer on Medium – and as an English writer.

As I was reflecting on what the journey of the past 12 months of daily writing taught me, I decided to write an honest, down-to-earth, no-bullshit-whatsoever, article that would help all new writers that came to this problem.


It’s simple: I feel like most Medium-related articles out there talk about the wrong things...

In short, I wish I had an article like this one when I started out.

So this one is for you. Just the brutal, transparent truth: what it's like to write on Medium for 365 days, every day. (Including how much it pays and what kind of content you should be creating!)

I really hope this is valuable to you guys. (That’s one reason why it’s published under The Honest Creative brand and not, say, Better Marketing.)


For the curious, here are other Medium-related articles that I wrote over the past 12 months:

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