If all you do is think, all you do is think

Insecure people (like yours truly) like to think. A lot. And the more we think, the less we do. Sometimes, my brain is my worst enemy.

But here’s the thing.

From the point of life in general, it doesn’t matter what you think. All that matters is what you do and what you feel.

Your actions define the course of your life, while your feelings define your experience of it.

What’s more important is that our actions are more important than feelings. We tend to act in a certain way because we feel a certain way. But in practice, actions preceded feelings, not the other way around.

If you want to feel motivated, it’s better to start doing something, not wait for it to come. If you want to feel gratitude, show it through your actions. If you want to feel love, perform acts of service – because love is a verb. And so is everything else.

Thoughts in themselves are worthless. In 90% of cases, they are based on fear of the unknown (otherwise known as worry).

As someone wise noticed, if all you do is think, all you do is think.

Your only job is to start. The rest follows.

Do. Then feel. And only then think.

It doesn’t work the other way around.