If there's no story – there's no story

Don't give us directives, share a story.

Crafting Your Candidacy Story. (中文) When most people think about the… | by  Lloyd Nimetz | The Spike Lab English | Medium

“Once upon a time…there lived a writer…who told people what to do…”

We all hate when people tell us what to do. After all, that’s why we became writers in the first place. To be our own people. To be free creatives.

But when you go online, 80% of articles tell us what to do. And I am not talking about headlines – let them be clickbaity if that’s how this world works. I am talking about the content inside the article.

If you use the tone of “this is what you must do …blablabla”, you’ll lose me immediately. There’s no connection.

The connection happens in two cases:

  1. If there’s vulnerability – if you’re honest.

  2. If it’s engaging – if there’s a story.

Ideally, if both: an engaging personal story.

So there – be engaging. Be personal. Always frame your content around a story.

If you want something tell us something intellectual, complex, non-fiction style – then show us how you got there.

Don’t be a school teacher by handing out directives on how others should live their lives. (Especially if you don’t live by the very rules you preach.)

The story is everything.