In praise of wholeness

If you sit and be ‘grateful’, it doesn’t count.

The modern culture makes it seem as if you need to be broken in some way in order to teach. The ‘pain’ becomes the Journey after which you arrive with the Gift. 


People who went through real pain are great teachers, of course. Some of them. 

But the best teachers and leaders were also the happiest people, with great childhoods, and the most supportive parents.

Think Einstein, Barack and Michelle Obama, Jane Goodall…

They weren’t broken. They were whole. And they had so much light and gratitude inside of them, they couldn’t help but share it with others. 

If you wince at the word ‘gratitude’, I feel you. I am sick of hearing it on every block too. But most people don’t understand what it means. 

If you sit and be ‘grateful’, it doesn’t count. You must do something with it. 

There is always someone a step below you whom you can teach. There is always someone who’s got it worse than you. (And always someone who’s got it better than you.) 

You can guide those people to the light, to a better version of themselves, by sharing what you’ve got.

You can be a leader. 

Because you’ve got something. Even if it’s as simple as a way of thinking, living, or doing things. There is a Gift inside of you, already. No need to go through unnecessary pain on purpose. No need to dismiss yourself as ‘not good enough’ because you’ve got it better than most. 

On the contrary. 

Be thankful. Share what you’ve got. Be generous. 

And you’ll be rewarded with things you’ve never dreamed of.