Inputs and outputs

Don't confuse the two.

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People often confuse inputs with outputs.

How much work you put in does not always correlate with how much output you get. A good tactic doesn’t equal good results.

You can work for ten hours and get the same result as someone who has worked for a fraction of that.

Self-help often tells you to work on your inputs.

“Write 1,000 words per day,” they say. Or, “Work for 5 hours each morning.”

People like inputs better because they are easy to understand. They are practical – anyone can wake up at 5 AM and “work” for 5 hours tomorrow.

Outputs are scary. They require you to put your name on it and take responsibility. It’s much easier to blame lack of success on a tactic.

But at the end of the day, your outputs define your life.

It’s what you’ve shipped that matters. Everywhere (except school) you get rewarded only for the outputs.

It’s the number (and quality!) of books written/blogs published/podcasts shipped/projects finished, so on, that builds success.

Not the hours you’ve worked or the tactics you’ve used.