Inspiration doesn't come

You make it come.

Waiting for inspiration is easy.

Because when you wait, you don’t have to do the work.

But the difference between an amateur creative and a professional creative is not in years of experience. That’s usually an obvious by-product. The difference is in how they approach their work.

The difference is in the habits.

We’re all creatures of habits. To improve our lives, all we need is to improve our habits.

The professional (the “pro”) has professional habits. And the amateur has the habits of an amateur.

This is especially true when it comes to doing the hardest bit: sitting down and starting to work.

In Turning Pro, Steven Pressfield writes:

“The professional doesn’t wait for inspiration. She acts in anticipation of it. The professional knows that when the Muse sees her butt in the chair, she will deliver.”

Do you see?

The quality doesn’t matter. The output doesn’t matter. What people think matters less than a broken nail.

Nothing matters.

Except that you sit down and do the work.


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