Just write and see what happens

Stop looking for lifehacks.

New writers and creatives of all shapes and sizes look for the ultimate lifehack. A routine. They want to know what sort of goals to set for themselves to maximize their odds of “making it” as quickly as possible.

Yesterday I was recording a new interview for The Honest Creative podcast and my guest quoted a popular Medium writer.

“Just write and see what happens.”

Forget about the metrics. Forget about routines. Stop looking for lifehacks. It doesn’t matter when you write – what matters is what you write and whether you write at all.

You have everything you need. Now you just have to trust the process. As they say, “trust the soup.”

Too often new creatives overthink it.

Just write and see what happens.

Just start recording a podcast and see what happens.

Just shoot that video and see what happens.

Give it three, six, or nine months.

And see what happens.


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