Keep it simple

And people will reach out.

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In Russia, there’s a saying “keep it simple and people will reach out to you.”

It’s usually used when addressing someone who is way over their head in thoughts, grand ideas, and intellectual-speak.

And I see now that it works best in content.

Yes, you can write high-level hard pieces for a small audience. That way, you’ll keep true to yourself and your values. You’ll say what you want to say in the way you want to say it. But don’t expect to go viral.

The whole idea of “virality” is to get the biggest exposure possible.

And to be exposed to a large audience, you’ll need to focus on the lowest common denominator. You’ll have to simplify your content. You’ll have to write something that you think of as obvious – which will be new for some people.

Of course, it’s not like “you have to” do it. You don’t have to do anything. It’s just a choice.

Virality or honesty. Simplicity or depth. Money or meaning.

Just be aware of the choice you make.


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