Laptop vs. phone

There's a subtle difference.

The best phone to buy right now (2019) - The Verge

Your laptop is your best friend. Your main instrument. Using it, you will write your bestsellers, record groundbreaking interviews, do great work.

Seven reasons why you should consider using your laptop for writing/creative work:

  1. When you’re on your laptop, you look like you’re working (even if you’re playing World of Warcraft) – less prone to being bothered.

  2. It’s easier (faster) to write on your laptop. Easier and faster to edit.

  3. It feels more official. You sit behind the desk.

  4. You’re more disciplined.

  5. You are actually writing – not typing.

  6. It’s easier to distribute your content, easier to answer emails, easier to communicate.

  7. You can work for longer periods of time.

Your phone is your (another) best friend. Your go-to instrument for fast work. Using it, you will jot down ideas when you’re inspired, make notes, and create your first drafts.

Seven reasons why you should consider using your phone for writing/creative work:

  1. You can literally do everything on your phone – modern phones have the same capabilities as laptops. Except it’s lighter and more fun.

  2. It’s easier (more accurate) to write on your phone because your typing pace is slower and you dedicate more time to every word you type.

  3. It feels lighter. You can work wherever you want.

  4. You’re free.

  5. You’re typing – not writing. The beauty is in being concise. You can always use your laptop for editing later.

  6. It’s easier to jump around apps, engage with your community, see content from a reader’s perspective.

  7. You work in bursts – whenever you get inspired.


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