Lift people up

...not lower them down.

E.B. White | American writer | Britannica

E.B. White said something smart.

“The role of a writer is to lift people up. Not lower them down.”

This doesn’t tie well with the prevalent notion that you should give people what they want.

The conventional “content marketing and creation” wisdom is this: if people like dick pics, give them dick pics. If they like cat GIFs, give them cat GIFs. (Even though you hate both dick pics and cat GIFs).

The truth is, just as demand creates its supply (as in what I just described above), so does supply create its own demand. It works both ways.

If you give people what they want – we’ll end up in a scary place. Possibly, in a world that’s brilliantly shown in the Brave New World TV show.

So – if you want more people to consume meaningful content, start with yourself first.

Start consuming meaningful content.

And then start creating meaningful content.

Lift people up, as E.B. White says.


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