Medium is NOT 'YouTube for writers'

The difference is in who the customer is.

Welcome to Medium, where words matter.

People often compare Medium to YouTube.

“Medium is for writers what YouTube is for video creators.”

I think this is wrong.

Medium is more like Spotify. And the difference is in who the customer is.

On YouTube, the customer is you and I. In other words, the viewer. That’s why YouTube invests so heavily in recommendation algorithms.

Spotify is different. It might look like a fancy music app (a very convenient one too), but it has also built an extraordinary back-end infrastructure for musicians. It allowed musicians to get paid for their music. It created a whole new market and opportunities for people who love to create music.

That’s what Medium is like too.

Medium’s main customer is the writer. People like me.

It allows us to make money with words and get paid. And it relies on writers to stay afloat, similarly as Spotify relies on its musicians.

In any marketplace, it might seem that you have two customers.

But you can’t build a business chasing two rabbits.

You need to choose.

And Medium chooses writers.


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