Merge content

How to create a lot without really trying.

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If you’re a writer in today’s world, there’s so much you need to do.

To make money on Medium, you have to write often.

To write books, you need to work on them every day.

To have a newsletter that people care about, you need to work in that too.

And then, there’s the promotion, other projects (like podcasts), freelance gigs, so on, so forth.

How do keep up with all of this workload?

You merge content. Become a “content DJ”.

James Altucher writes his books by combining a bunch of blog posts together, adding some original content on top, and editing all of that to be "book-worthy”.

Tim Ferriss writes his books by interviewing people from his podcast.

Take your blog posts and turn them into books. Take books and turn them into blog posts. Take podcasts and turn them into blog posts.

You get the idea.

The same content with different packaging, for a different audience = different content.

It’s not a cop-out. It’s not laziness.

It’s optimization.


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