Metrics don't matter

They are there for us, not the other way around.

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People often confuse concepts with actual things.

Money is not wealth. It represents wealth.

You can’t eat dollar bills. And if you were on a deserted island, they would mean nothing to you.

The weight that you see on a scale says nothing about your physical health. It’s just a number.

And similarly, in creative fields, the number of subscribers itself means nothing. It’s merely an indicator of how much exposure you’ve got at any given moment.

It’s easy to get discouraged to see that number of followers stay the same for several days, weeks, even months at a time.

It might even be tempting to internalize that and to let it get into our self-worth.

What we need to remind ourselves of, every time is that these metrics themselves don’t say anything.

The only thing that matters for you, as a creative, is to do meaningful work and to get paid for it.

When the number of followers is increasing, it might help you accomplish that goal. But it doesn’t always correlate.

The alternative is to forget about the number. To not care.

You find something only when you stop looking for it. And you build an audience when you force yourself to stop “building an audience.”

Bring your attention to the work, not the metrics that describe them.

Build wealth, not money.

Build health, not chase the number on the scale.

Build trust with your tribe, not “amass an audience”.


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