North of the 10th hour

Let's bury the hustle

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No good ideas come north of the 10th hour of work.

According to Cal Newport, the author of Deep Work – people can only do their best work in an uninterrupted flow state, which he calls “deep work.”

People can do this type of work for four hours per sitting. Maximum.

Nobody can work eight hours straight. You can be busy for eight hours, but how much of that time was actually spent working?

Personally, I tend to work in bursts. This means, I sit down and do the task I set for myself to do today. It usually takes 1-2 hours of uninterrupted time. Then I go for a walk, eat lunch, drink coffee, do something to unwind. And then I can come back again and do another session. At the end of the day, I might even do a third session.

Even GaryVee, who claims to work 14 hours a day, commutes 30% of that time and spends the remaining time talking in meetings.

Creative work stacks up. It accumulates with time. Which means, it needs time.

Even if you could write a novel (60,000 words) in one day, you shouldn’t.


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