The audience is the message

They say “the medium is the message.”

I say, “the audience is the message.”

In fact, when it comes to content marketing, especially producing shows (e.g., a podcast, YouTube blog), the audience matters more than the message.

The audience defines what the message will be. And there is more than just one definition.

Assume you have a company whose audience is middle-aged rich people in the U.S. with a driver’s license. Your company sells premium cars. It makes sense for you to set up a show about cars, right? Interview car dealers, go on test drives, etc

Not quite.

There are many other ways you can go about targeting those people. And it can be something that has nothing to do with cars.

For example, golf. Middle-aged rich Americans love golf! Why not create a whole show about golf and sell your service organically? It’s the same audience. And creating a show about golf is easier (not to mention: cheaper) than getting all those cars in one place at one time.

One audience = many potential messages.

Geometry rules also apply: the straight line is still the fastest route. So pick your audience and try to get to it in the most direct way possible.