Opinions and assholes

Everyone has one...

When I was applying to college, I had an SAT tutor from the States.

I guess I liked to talk during class. Because he once told me, “Opinions are like assholes… everyone has one. And they stink.”

After a while, I stopped coming to classes or paying him. But six years since, I still have opinions about everything.

Hell, this blog is nothing but a collection of my opinions – things I’ve noticed, seen, thought, or heard about myself or the world at large. My opinions are not the truth, but I seek to get as close as possible whenever I draft a post.

Chances are, you have opinions too—lots of them. You agree with something and disagree with something else.

The question is, are you voicing your opinions?

Many people don’t.

Having a regular blog allows you – forces you, actually – to form opinions. To defend something. You can’t have a blog without taking a stand or putting yourself on the hook. That’s the whole point. The difference between a good blog and journalism is that in the former, you’ll never see “on the one hand…”

Nobody cares about objectivity. The world is subjective, the truth is dynamic, we seek stories, not facts. In other words, we want your truth, not The Truth.

If you’re still not speaking up, maybe it’s time to start.

What are you afraid of? Being wrong?

I am wrong about half of the time, I am sure. The important part is the other half.

Being judged?

Well, you can always change your mind. Only idiots or pretentious people don’t change their minds. Jeff Bezos famously said that the ability to change one’s mind is a symptom of wisdom. I agree.

The stakes are lower than you think. It’s fine to say one thing and then say something else entirely because you now know better. That’s called learning.

Yet, the cost of not speaking up is enormous. It’s like a muscle. The longer you stay quiet, the header it’ll be to speak up.

Perhaps it’s time to stop living as if we were still in school.

We don't have to raise our hands.

We can simply speak up.