Stephen King's pencil

What matters is the output, not your system.

Every Stephen King Book That Hasn't Been Adapted Into a Movie (Yet)

I used to be obsessed with work ethic.

I would watch interviews and try to reverse-engineer other people’s success. I would absorb the way somebody writes or works. What time they got up, what they ate for breakfast, what kind of “time management” system they use.

And then I realized something.

It doesn’t matter.

What matters is your output.

Perhaps you write at night. Perhaps you work in bursts. Perhaps you’re a disciplined fellow.

Ultimately, only the press will care.

If you write with Stephen King’s pencil, you won’t become Stephen King.

We’re not in school anymore.

People judge you by the work, the results.

So find a system that works for you and stop obsessing over things that don’t matter.


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