Talent? No such thing.

Actions define us, not labels. 

There is no such thing as talent. 

Don’t let it get into your head. Don’t think you can’t become someone just because you know someone else who is more talented than you at what you like. 

You can become anyone you want. 

But not because you “deserve it” or some other motivational crap. No. 

You can become anyone you can imagine because you are what you do – daily. 

Actions define us, not labels. 

Not the so-called “talents”. Not the stories we tell ourselves. 

If you write daily, you’re a writer. If you write and manage to get paid for it, you’re a professional writer. If you run daily, you’re a runner. If you drink daily, you’re a drunk. If you save lives every day, you’re a superhero…

Establish your identity and be in charge of who you are by doing the work.