Tapping Into Your Creative Self with Rowena Roberts


Rowena Roberts spent 18 years using her words to give others a voice as an advertising copywriter. Now she helps people to discover and play with their own unique voice as a creative writing coach at Words Inspire.

My biggest insight from this conversation:

You can’t fake authenticity.
Content is a vehicle for both ideas AND emotions.
You get out what you put in. 

This is why it’s impossible to use authenticity as a tactic. Readers feel when it’s fake.

Apart from that, in this wide-ranging conversation, Rowena and I talked about:

  • Creativity -> how to be more creative; what is creativity; practical exercises to tap into your creative self and get “in the zone” (e.g., meditation, long walks in nature).

  • Writing -> how online writing is different from traditional writing; how to write better; the top mistakes people make when they write (from Rowena’s experience of working with aspiring writers); how to be authentic in your writing; and the place of a book in today’s online world.

  • Deamon -> what is a “deamon”, where the term comes from, and how to access that part of your brain that does creative work.

To illustrate each point, Rowena draws from her experience of working in advertising and teaching aspiring writers in her own business.

Honestly, this is one of the best interviews I’ve done. And I don’t say that often. To me, the quality of an interview (or any conversation) is based on the number of moments I say, “Oh, wow. I never thought of it that way.” With Rowena, it was roughly every 10 minutes.

I hope it will be the same for you.



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