The writing process

It's not just typing words on a computer.

How Does Freelance Writing Work?

Writing is:

  1. Ideation. Coming up with ideas. You do it best by taking long walks. In nature. Fresh air + movement is the best inspiration.

  2. Execution. This is where you “write as you talk”. Your job here is to put everything you’ve just came up with on the page.

  3. Editing. This is where you “edit as if each word costs money”. (And, if you hire an editor, which you should, each word will cost money.)

You should spend about 50% of your time on ideation. And split the remaining 50% between execution and editing.

Hence, if you are, like most inexperienced writers, do only the middle part (execution), you leave 75% of the work on the table.

This means, your piece is only 25% as good as it could have been.

Are you satisfied with that?

When you just start writing – running like a freight train towards the goal is the right thing to do. You build momentum.

But once you’ve gained skills and built momentum, do the job right. Go through the steps. Think before you write. Edit after you’ve written something.

Writing is thinking out loud. Typing is sharing what you’ve thought. If you didn’t think beforehand, there’s nothing to type about except simple ideas that float on the surface. And if you don’t edit, you leave people with unnecessary words that wast time and distract them from the main point.

Writing is not just typing words on your laptop. It’s way more than that.


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