They are ready to wait

Whereas your reputation is the only thing you've got

To Reduce Emergency Room Wait Times, Tie Them to Payments

As a content (music, books, articles, podcasts) consumer, what would you prefer:

  1. To have your favorite artist create as much as possible, even though their output might be mediocre?

  2. Or to have them take whatever time they need to come up with something so profound, you won’t be able to think/talk about it for the next few months?

Most of us would choose the latter.

And yet, as content producers, we often assume that quantity trumps everything. We create and publish; create, and publish with our eyes closed; and assume that we’ll eventually get a lucky break.

What we need to remember is that our fans are ready to wait. They are ready to give us all the time we need to create what we need to create.

Our reputation as artists – defined mainly by what we produce – is the most important thing we’ve got.

Possibly, the only thing we’ve got.


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