To be original, stop doing "what works"

“I don’t want to write self-help anymore.”

I’ve had this thought for a while.

But the biggest enemy of the new, bold, and audacious — as any artist knows — is not sitting on your ass all day, doing nothing.

No. It’s doing what works.

It’s easy to fall into the habit of doing something that works, thus forgetting the reason why we got into this creative business in the first place — to experiment, do something new, crazy, and play. 

Writing self-help articles that change the reader, being a teacher, saying what other people should do — even if you don’t believe half of what you say — is what most writers do on Medium.

They aren’t to blame. After all, it works. 

What “works” is always the enemy of the “creative”, new, and interesting

What’s the alternative? 

The alternative is to try something that might not work. Every day.

Do what doesn’t work. Defy the odds. Try the stupid. Do the meaningless. And follow what’s fun.

That way, you increase the chances of finding something that not only works, but that works for you.

Now that’s originality.


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