Two ways to influence the world

Money and audience.

Coronavirus is a failure of global governance – now the world needs a  radical transformation

There are two ways you make an impact in this world.

  1. Money. You can amass capital and use it as leverage, an instrument to drive positive change.

  2. Influence. You can build a following and send your message out into the world, promoting the change you want to see.

Many people talk about the first way. It’s natural: after all, we live in a world where economic incentives govern what we do, how we think, how we spend our lives, and what problems we solve. This is why nobody is solving the climate change problem – there’s not enough monetary incentive to do so.

And if we want to make the matters into our own hands, we simply need to amass resources and build assets.

Influence is a powerful asset.

It’s a new one, too. While there’s a lot of competition for money – there’s still a lot to take when it comes to building influence.

Let me give you an example. There’s a famous journalist in Russia, his name is Yury Dud. He used to work on a big TV network and a few years back decided to start his YouTube channel. He started off by interviewing celebrities and asking them provocative questions. As a result, he amassed a following of more than 4M subscribers.

A few years later, today, he stopped chasing the hype. Ane he started shooting social-oriented documentaries instead. He is using his influence to benefit society and make the change he wants to make.

Of course, not everybody will do that. Some might want to use their influence to sell online courses, monetizing their audience – or use their accumulated money to buy yachts, planes, build castles. That’s understandable.

But the choice is always there.


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