What game are you playing?

Choose "your way".

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When you’re in the business of content creation, there are two games you could be playing.

Game #1: “Chasing the Number”

You compare yourself to others. You feel jealous. You set yourself daily goals. Then weekly goals. Then monthly goals. You post these goals on the wall. You push yourself. You wake up two hours earlier each day just to write. You learn all about other writers’ habits and routines and try to incorporate some of them into your own life. Two months in you blame yourself for “still not making it.” You growth hack. You think of followers in terms of thousands. You chase the next “hot thing” on the web that can make you an instant blogger-millionaire. You read self-help. You treat the whole thing as a competition. You go the hard way.

Game #2: “Taking It Easy”

You don’t care about others. You are happy for other people’s success, even if it means accepting failure here and there. You don’t set goals. You want to try a lot of things: writing fiction, recording podcasts, writing movie scripts, so on. You have a long list of ideas that just keeps growing. You post that list on the wall. You go with the flow. You wake up whenever you feel like it. You don’t care about routines or habits, because you know that if you want something, you’ll do it. (After all, it’s the output that matters.) Two months in you feel humbled that it’s only two months. You keep learning and can’t wait for it to be two years and then two decades. You don’t market yourself. You know good content speaks for itself. You care about every single follower because that’s why you do it. You don’t care about the “new new thing” because all you care about is doing your work. If Medium/YouTube/Substack/etc. shut down, you would simply move over to another platform that allows you to do what you love. You read fiction. You treat the whole thing as a lifestyle. You go the easy way.

Neither game is good or bad. It depends on your personality.

There are millions of amazing creatives out there who play the first game and become successful. There are millions who play the second game and end up broke. (But happy.)

It’s not about what’s effective and what’s not. It’s not even about “doing the right thing.”

It’s just a choice.

But whatever you choose, choose “your way”.

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