What To Do In Your Twenties

Instead of hustling and making money

I know that not everybody in my email newsletter is a twenty-year-old.

Yet, I think is relevant to everybody.

I want to quickly share with you a series that the Post-Grad Survival Guide created out of my top posts on the topic of “what to do in your twenties instead of making money”.

I truly believe everything I said there – and it’s something that I, as a twenty-year-old, think about constantly.

You don’t have to hustle. You’ve been scammed. You don’t have to rush and make money. You have so much time.

The series includes posts such as:

  1. 4 Things To Do In Your 20s Instead Of Making Money

  2. Starting Early In Life Says Nothing About Your Future Success

  3. You Are a Company: 3 Ways To Start Acting Like One

And, the most recent one:

  1. What If GaryVee Was Right?

I suggest you go through this series. It might change your life. A new piece is going to be published tomorrow.

Most of these insights I gathered from other, more experienced people. They are also the result of mistakes, struggles, and pain. Lots of pain.

If you like an idea or two, please let me know what you think in the comments.

P.S. If you like this idea, here’s one post that’s not from me. It’s from the founder of Basecamp and the authors of Re: Work. It’s really good.