Who is an 'honest creative'?

Aspiring to be one is why we're all here.

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Some people ask me, “Why Honest Creative?”

Recently, I started to ask my podcast guests (which should air early in September) at the end of the interview about what comes to mind when they hear the words “honest creative”.

My realization was that everybody has a personal answer.

To me, an ‘honest’ creative is someone who:

  1. Cares about their work.

  2. Cares deeply about their audience.

  3. Gives a lot of content for free. And doesn’t care about the ‘taking’ until they give as much value as they can.

  4. Builds relationships and what Patt Flynn calls “superfans” instead of making a ‘quick buck’.

  5. Is patient. Seth Godin has been running his blog for almost 15 years now. He is an honest creative.

  6. Is confident. Honest creatives are allowed to have self-doubt, but they never let it get into their heads.

  7. Loves what they do. Honest creatives focus on the process because they enjoy it so much.

  8. Doesn’t envy other creatives. Instead, they support, applaud, and help them succeed. The pie is infinite. There’s nothing to hide.

  9. Isn’t afraid to be vulnerable in front of the audience. Even if going the other way feels more comfortable.

  10. Shows up every day. Because that’s what they live for.

In short, an honest creative is someone who does honest, creative work.

A dishonest creative is someone who cares about making themselves look good (or make money quickly) more than the audience they are supposed to serve.

Of course, we are never perfect. Not at the start, anyway.

But aspiring to become honest creatives is why we’re here.

That’s the game.


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