Why I’m Quitting Dating For The Next 5 Years

To learn to love myself more.

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When I was 17, I had four girlfriends. At once. The funniest part: they all knew each other. They were friends. Yet, each one of them thought she was The One.

It was fun. (At least for a while.)

Such behavior transitioned into my early adulthood. I would walk into class and immediately have crushes on almost every female classmate. If any one of my friends had a new girlfriend, I would secretly crave to kiss her. All females — any females, really — in my head were supposed to love me. Just me.

A short disclaimer, though, before we proceed. Some men like to play women. They’re called Players. Womanizers. I am not like them. Not at all.

The players like to have sex with women and get attention. Me? I didn’t crave attention. And I am not what you would call a ‘sex machine’ either.

What I always craved for was unconditional, feet-off-the-ground, only-me-only-you love.

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