Write what you read

And vice versa.


You can’t write books and not read books.

You can’t write Medium posts and not read Medium posts.

You can’t record podcasts and not listen to any.

You can’t want people to consume your content when you are not consuming content by other creators.

It’s just not fair.

But if you’ve found that this is the case for you – don’t blame yourself. Instead, think about what type of content you actually like to consume. And create that.

For example, I recently realized that I write Medium posts, yet I read almost none (except for a few published in our publication).

That’s not fair to my fellow creatives out there.

And then I thought back to the posts I’ve read on Medium. What was it about them that made me stop, click, and read them?

They were non-clickbaity. They were honest. They were weird. They were personal. They were mini-essays, not self-help pieces or listicles.

That told me a lot about the type of content I should be putting out on Medium.


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