Write your $1,000 article

This is how you succeed on Medium

10 Outstanding Reasons why you should start Blogging on Medium

I’ve been writing daily on Medium for almost a year now. Ten months to be exact.

And I’ve tried all strategies there are:

  • I wrote and published daily;

  • I wrote and published weekly;

  • I wrote and published “when ready”

  • I wrote short posts

  • I wrote long posts

  • I wrote about famous people

  • I wrote about myself

So on, so forth.

One thing I’ve learned is that there’s no right or wrong strategy. You just write, do your best work, and become successful in your own right.

Another thing I’ve learned is that people who make $10,000+/mo writing on Medium and who have 100K+ followers aren’t necessarily geniuses. They are people like you and I. Their writing is not spectacular. They’ve just been doing it long enough, they didn’t quit, and stayed long enough to reap the rewards.

During the past 10 months, I’ve had “good” months – when I made $2,500 from a single post. I’ve had bad months – when I wrote 35-40 pieces and all of them were “average”.

And I’ve learned that if you want to make money writing on Medium, you can’t afford to write mediocre pieces. Yes, quantity is important in the beginning – that’s how you find your voice. That’s how you learn.

But once you’re ready to start treating this seriously, it’s time to write like a real writer.

And real writers obsess over quality.

Let me save you lots of time by saying this:

You make money on Medium by writing 3-4 viral pieces per month, not 30-40 mediocre pieces.

It’s easier to write one $1,000-post than twenty $5-posts.

No publishing schedule in the world will make a bad piece go viral.

So – if you’re writing on Medium, there’s your strategy for the upcoming quarter.

Write your $1,000 piece.

Forget about everything else.


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