Writing is a practice

It needs space, time, and intention.

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In Turning Pro, Steven Pressfield demystifies the notion that writing – or any creative work, for that matter – is done in bursts. Instead, he talks about the necessity of having a creative discipline – a practice.

“When we convene day upon day in the same space at the same time, powerful energy builds around us. This is the energy of our intention, of our dedication, of our commitment.”

Like any practice (yoga, meditation, etc.), your creative work needs:

  1. Space – a dedicated “room of one’s own,” to quote Virginia Woolf.

  2. Time – every day, a set number of hours, ideally the same time each day.

  3. Intention – the “10,000-hour rule” popularized by Malcolm Gladwell works only if those hours are intentional, focused.

So think about what gaps and holes your practice might have. Perhaps you will discover you have no practice at all – and in this case, it’s time to build one.

You come to practice with humility. It’s no place for arrogance or ego.

You come there as a student. It teaches you more than you teach through it.

Finally, practice is lifelong. There’s no end. It’s its own reward.

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