Your writing will always be with you.

Trust the process.

On 'Moving Too Fast,' or Decolonial Speed | BILLY-RAY BELCOURT

When I see people rush, I don’t get it.

Why publish a book now, when you’re young and stupid when you can publish it later when you’re more mature and have more things to say?

Of course, I rush too. I don’t know why. I guess I am afraid of something. I guess I am afraid that I might die early or that I will run out of time or things to say.

But rushing makes no sense. Your writing will always be with you.

Moreover, writing and creativity is amazing in a way that time works in your favor. Like good wine, you only get better with time.

Don’t rush.

There’s nothing there.

The “reward” at the end of a tunnel is an illusion created by your brain to make you build momentum.

Everything is in the process.

Trust it. Enjoy it. Relax into it.

Otherwise, nothing makes sense.


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