Zhenya Zerkalenkov on 7 Businesses In 7 Months, Pinterest Marketing, and Pat Flynn


Zhenya Zerkalenkov is a freelance marketing consultant and content creator as well as the Founder of House of Creators – a company that helps digital artists build an online business around their art. In addition to House of Creators, Zhenya hosts a YouTube channel, a podcast, and writes on Medium. He lives in Germany.

What you’ll learn from this conversation:

  1. How to take a loan, start 7 businesses in 7 months, and fail at all of them. We start the interview talking about Zhenya’s crazy story of taking a loan from his father and starting 7 business in 7 months (spoiler: all of them failed because he wasn’t patient enough.) Zhenya learned from his mistakes and soon started a company with his wife – House of Creators – that helps digital artists monetize their art.

  2. Pinterest is not just furniture and tattoos. According to Zhenya, Pinterest is “the most underappreciated marketing channel” for influencers. (Yes, I also thought that Pinterest is just for furniture and design inspiration. But Zhenya changed my mind.)

  3. How to be on Pat Flynn’s live stream. Zhenya told a story of how he connected with Pat Flynn and appeared on his daily live stream on YouTube. (Spoiler: it’s the same tactic that got him on this podcast. Ha-ha.)

  4. Why being kind, caring, and providing value is the best strategy. Most people are focused on the “taking”, but Zhenya and I discussed at length how “giving” – lots of free, valuable content – is the best marketing strategy.

  5. It’s the people that sell, not ads. Seth Godin says, “Companies should market with people, not at them.” In my conversation with Zhenya, we go really deep on the topic of passion economy, “true fans”, how to turn your followers into die-hard fans that sell your product.

I hope you enjoy this episode.

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